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About Us

Welcome to Mor Cornish Street Food, me 'ansome!


Don't be fooled, matey! We're not your average street food joint. Nah, we're all about that top-notch, high-quality grub made with love and care. We're talkin' about locally sourced, sustainable ingredients that not only make your taste buds dance a jig but also keep Mother Nature smilin'.

Now, let's talk ingredients, shall we? We're not just tossin' any old cheese and fish in the pot, oh no. We're talkin' locally sourced, top-quality goodies that'll have you tastin' the essence of Cornwall with every bite. From the creamiest cheeses to the freshest catch of the day, we're all about keepin' it local, sustainable, and downright delicious.

So, whether you're hankerin' for a bowl of cheesy comfort or craving the crispy crunch of golden fish 'n chips, Mor Cornish Street Food has got ya covered. Grab a fork, grab a napkin, and get ready to embark on a culinary adventure fit for a true Cornish appetite.

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07522 819325
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Customer review

I had my first taste of Mor Cornish street food at the weekend. They were in Truro for the “Black voices Cornwall” cultural diversity event.

I can highly recommend the fish goujon ciabatta, and look forward to sampling more of their awesome menu at their next event!

Customer review

I decided to give their fish goujon ciabatta a try, and I'm so glad I did! The fish was perfectly golden and crispy, nestled within a soft, pillowy ciabatta bun. The quality of ingredients and the care put into each dish truly shone through.

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